20 mai 2017

Imagination - L.T.O (House, 1989)

From the remix-album 'LIKE IT IS'

L.T.O (Love’s Taking Over)
Sensitive Mix-Edit*
Sensitive Mix*
T-Coy Club Mix
T-Coy Radio Edit#
T-Coy Dub Edit#
The D. Mix*
L.J’s Blues Mix*
produced and mixed by t-coy
*remixed by david morales for def productions

Def 12’’ Version
Def 7’’ Edit #
produced & mixed by david morales for def productions
Remix-Edit #

produced by steve jolley and tony swain
remixed by mike pickering and graeme park

© 1989 RCA, taken from the remix-album LiKE iT iS
# special edit versions by devotion


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