26 novembre 2016

Irene Cara - Why Me ? / Talk Too Much (1983)

Radio Edit (3.55)
Extended LP Re-Edit (5.54)*
Jellybean's Remix (7.00)
Jellybean's Edit (3.56)*
Jellybean's Dubstrumental (4.45)

Album Version (4.00)
Special Maxi Re-Edit (5.48)*

(I. Cara/G. Moroder/K. Forsey)
 Produced by Giorgio Moroder
*special edits by Devotion 

Released on October 1983
It reached #4 in Switzerland, #5 in Norway, #7 on the US dance chart, #13 on the Billboard pop chart,
#17 in Germany, #41 on the US R&B chart, and #86 on the UK Singles Chart in 1983

The song was featured on her 1983 album, What A Feelin'.


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