21 mai 2016

Black Box 3 | Everybody, Everybody (Rare Versions)


3rd step.... another success through the europe

Offer Nissim 2014 Remix (6.30)
David Morales 2012 Edit (4.12)
Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix (9.10)
Full-Length Le Freak Mix (8.00)
Mixx-It DJ-Remix (5.30)
Le Freak Instrumental (4.38)

Written By M. Limoni, D. Davoli, V. Semplici
Produced By Groove Groove Melody
Vocals By Martha Wash 

© 1990


2 commentaires:

Jovpro Npo a dit…

Thank you very much for this rare jam.

Please post more rare jams by black box and Martha Wash including Fantasy.

I love this site

JM Devotion-Boy a dit…

@Joypro Npo: Patiente.... for "Fantasy/Get down" "Strike it up" "Ouvre tes yeux"
"Hold On"

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